Collin Peterson Narrowly Defeats Dave Hughes in Minnesota's 7th Congressional Race

Collin Peterson Narrowly Defeats Dave Hughes in Minnesota's 7th Congressional Race

For Immediate Release (Karlstad, MN) - Collin Peterson, the DFL 26-year incumbent Congressman in the 7th District of Minnesota, narrowly defeated Dave Hughes, the U.S. Air Force Combat Vet and political newcomer. Hughes, who’s never held political office and never ran, came within 4% points ending in early morning of November 9th.

The Peterson vs Hughes election was cleanly ran. Policy ideas and compare/contrast were used without personal attacks. It was a gentleman’s race that was refreshing to western Minnesotans. Hughes pressed Peterson on his failure to vote for the repeal of Obamacare, which is hurting Minnesota farmers and other businesses. Hughes pressed Peterson on his failure to repeal Obamacare, which uses taxpayer funds for elective abortion. Hughes pressed Peterson on his support of Socialist Bernie Sanders. Hughes pressed Peterson on the fact that he is rarely in the district and never hears the concerns of the regular folks. Hughes shared that the citizens of Western Minnesota have not one time in his hundreds of events stated the farm bill as their top priority – the only thing that Peterson leads on. The citizens of the district shared with Hughes their concerns over National Security, Religious Freedom, Obamacare, Education, and our $20 Trillion National Debt -- issues Peterson has never led on.

In the end, the voters chose incumbent Collin Peterson to represent them in Washington, D.C for another term.

“I’m very grateful to God, my beautiful wife and children, my campaign team, the leadership of MN-7, and all the wonderful people of western Minnesota. I’m humbled by the many financial contributions I received and the myriad notes of encouragement and suggestion sent me. We gave it our best, and we’re ready to charge ahead to 2018!” Dave Hughes, 2016 Republican Candidate for US House, MN-7.

Dave Hughes came closer to defeating the incumbent than any other Republican candidate Peterson has faced. He believes the former Republican candidates hard work, and his hard work in this election cycle, are wearing down support for Peterson. Hughes will run in 2018 and believes he will be successful. The race for 2018 begins today!

For more information check out www.HughesForCongress.US. Or contact Dave Hughes at 218-452-3214. Follow Dave Hughes 2018 race on Facebook by searching Dave Hughes for Congress. Or follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @DHughesCongress.


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