Dave Hughes Comments on Hutchinson Leader Article

Dave Hughes Comments on Hutchinson Leader Article

Thanks to Jeremy Jones of the Hutchinson Leader. My observations:

Ag Safety Net. Collin wants to spend even more taxpayer dollars on this, when our current program is already adequate with highly federally subsidized Crop Insurance, Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC), and Price Loss Coverage (PLC). The federal government ran a $600Billion annual deficit in 2016; we have to get our national fiscal house in order right now.

National Infrastructure. This is a popular one, but here's the thing. Big infrastructure projects are capital intensive, but aren't so manpower intensive. Infrastructure is vital, but the idea it'll create tens of millions of new jobs is a false panacea. And on top of that, Collin likes Hillary's idea of taxing corporations even more to pay for these, making the U.S. even less competitive in our global economy. That's the wrong direction for the country.

Gas Taxes. Collin wants to increase the price of gas at the pump by raising the federal gas tax. I oppose this. Our federal government has a spending problem, not a tax revenue problem.

Obamacare. Collin thinks it's "40% good, 60% bad". Wrong! The people of western Minnesota have made it clear Obamacare is an unmitigated failure. The people are continually suffering badly due to it, and elective Abortion is funded by it via taxpayer dollars. And yet, ostensibly Pro-Life Collin Peterson has refused more than 60 times to throw this mess onto the ash heap of history, where it belongs.

Finally, Collin thinks all our problems would be solved if there were more folks like him in Washington, DC, citing gridlock as the vital issue. I have a different take on this. I submit to you it's cozy, lukewarm bipartisanship that is largely to blame for the state we're in. Our National Debt was $3.5Trillion when Collin entered Congress in 1991. It's now $19+Trillion and climbing quickly. Our nation needs more leaders in Washington, D.C., who will say "no" to irresponsible, unconstitutional spending. I'm Dave Hughes and I ask for your vote.

Elect Dave Hughes for U.S. House, MN-7, November 8th!

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