Dave Hughes makes it FEC Official: His MN Congressional District 7 2018 Race Begins Now

Dave Hughes makes it FEC Official: His MN Congressional District 7 2018 Race Begins Now

For Immediate Release - November 28th, 2016: (Karlstad, MN ) -- Dave Hughes, the 2016 Republican Candidate for the U.S. House in Minnesota's 7th Congressional District, began his 2018 race the day after his narrow defeat earlier this month. Now Dave Hughes is making it FEC Official, and has submitted his 2018 Statement of Candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives seat for Minnesota's 7th Congressional District.

Hughes is fueled by the enthusiasm Minnesotans have for his Constitutional Conservative political views. Hughes worked extremely hard in the 2016 race, and knows that starting 2 years ahead of the next election, and being everywhere the voters are, will just increase his name recognition and opportunity to engage with the constituents.

Dave Hughes was endorsed by the Republican Party in April of 2016 in Alexandria on the first round of balloting with over 60% of the votes of the nearly 300 democratically elected delegates from all 38 counties of MN Congressional District 7. He then had an unconventional primary opponent, whom he also defeated in the Primary in August 2016. He was very busy with town halls, parades, county fairs, Meet N Greets, and other events, including time with the MN Tea Party and the MN Libertarians. He then narrowly lost to incumbent Collin Peterson who outspent Hughes 100 to 1. Hughes is confident with the Conservative nature of the district, increased name recognition, increased fundraising time, increased time with the Constituents, and increased communication with the voters - Dave Hughes will be elected the next Congressman of western Minnesota.

"When I lost I had mixed feelings. I was so honored by the GOP endorsement, and I really didn't want to let them down. Yet I knew the incumbent is well regarded, and we've had many very qualified previous candidates who were unable to beat him. Overall I'm content because I came closer to defeating Peterson than anyone has. I needed just another 2.6% of the total votes! I gave it my all, and I know that people now know who I am. I'm confident I'll bring it home for the district in 2018." ~Dave Hughes, 2016 Republican Candidate for Congress, MN-7, and hopeful 2018 winner in the U.S. House Race for the MN 7th District.

Hughes hopes to lead the communication in the exposure of the liberal votes and views of Collin Peterson. Hughes is heartbroken over Peterson's opposition to repealing Obamacare. Hughes hears from farmers about how much this disastrous legislation is hurting them. Hughes was so ready to write the 2017 Farm Bill, and will be watching the moves the Ag Committee makes. Peterson fails to lead on so many areas of Foreign Policy, Defense, our $20 Trillion National Debt, Obamacare funding of Abortion, Immigration, and the 2nd Amendment. It will only fuel Hughes to be more vocal about these issues the constituents share with him that are very concerning and not being adequately addressed by Peterson.

Hughes plans to attend all the Ag meetings over the winter, build his team, and raise funds. He will then attend all the fairs and parades over the summer and be willing to speak to any group that will have him. Hughes believes he will win in 2018. Then he will take his place on the Ag Committee, as a member of the majority party. As a U.S. Air Force Combat Vet, Hughes will be strong on National Security, 2nd Amendment, Right to Life, and Religious Freedoms.

Please find more information on Dave Hughes and his political stances at www.HughesForCongress.US. Follow him on Facebook by searching "Dave Hughes for Congress". He can be found on twitter and Instagram @DHughesCongress. Or as he continues to be the most reachable candidate, call or text his cell at 218-452-3214.


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