Dave Hughes Wins GOP Endorsement and Formally Files for Congressional Race Against Collin Peterson

Dave Hughes Wins GOP Endorsement and Formally Files for Congressional Race Against Collin Peterson


May 29, 2018


Kip Christianson – Campaign Manager, Hughes for Congress



KARLSTAD, MN – May 29 – Setting up a rematch of the incredibly close 2016 MN-07 congressional race in which he was outspent 35-1, Dave Hughes formally filed his candidacy for the 2018 election with the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office on Friday. This comes less than a week after he received an overwhelming endorsement by the 7th District Republican Party at their convention in Ottertail.  

Hughes, who trains the pilots of the United States Customs and Border Protection agency, won endorsement by a vote of 236-48 on Saturday May 19 at Thumper Pond. The excitement in the convention hall was inescapable as delegates and alternates from across the district offered a standing ovation as Hughes took the stage to accept their endorsement, flanked by his wife Amanda and their seven children. Gesturing to his young family, Hughes said, "I'm running for office so that my children, and yours, can enjoy a brighter future." 

Supporters from around the state acknowledge the improbable feat Hughes — a 21 year veteran of the United States Air Force who had never before run for office —and his scrappy, dedicated, and entirely volunteer team accomplished in 2016.  

Now in 2018, a year when much of national Republican attention is focused on defense, Hughes and his newly professionalized team are launching an offensive to win the support of a majority of voters across Minnesota's seventh congressional district.  National and statewide observers are beginning to take notice.  

Hughes and his growing team plan to take his optimistic message directly to voters, in every precinct across the large district. Republican Party leaders believe Hughes' life experience outside of politics, passion for and knowledge of the issues, and approachable and likable personality make him the right messenger for the job. 7th Congressional District Republicans Chair Craig Bishop of Hutchinson conveyed the confidence of party leadership, "Dave and his team are working very hard all over this district to secure a win over Collin Peterson this November. His growing base of volunteers are ready to execute the plan that's needed to secure a Republican victory here in 2018. Join us." 

The confidence in Hughes expressed by voters across the district was echoed by Barb Chervestad of Oklee, "I'm not surprised that the delegates voted to endorse Dave Hughes by a wide margin at our district convention," said Chervestad, the 7thCongressional District Republicans Deputy Chair.  "Dave's hard work sharing his passionate message throughout the district the past twenty-seven months paid off for him.  The delegates are convinced his message of Liberty, Prosperity and Freedom will resonate throughout the district come November. The 7th Congressional District Republicans are very excited and ready to mobilize behind Dave. We're going on offense, organizing locally, and growing a base of volunteers who are ready to execute a plan to ultimately secure a Republican victory here in 2018."


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to write: Kip@HughesForCongress.us or call: 763-443-0599(c). 

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