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  • Blake Wood
    Maelstrom endorsed 2019-08-28 12:57:34 -0500
    Need help with endorsement for maelstrom World War X coming in 2020
  • John Horner
    endorsed 2019-08-15 16:28:37 -0500
  • Jeffrey Stutz
    endorsed 2018-10-28 14:59:51 -0500
    I strongly endorse David Hughes for Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District. I’ve known David for 25 years since our first assignment in the US Air Force. David is highly technically astute as well as a man with great integrity who has dedicated his entire adult life to serving others. His solid down-to-earth conservative values will greatly benefit the men and women of MN-7. He will be a voice for a just and strong America.
  • Greg Niblett
    endorsed 2018-10-23 11:15:26 -0500
    I have worked in factories in outstate MN for 28 years. I have values that are likely very consistent with many outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Dave Hughes represents those very same values: fiscal responsibility, self-reliance, accountability, moral obligation and Christian family values. I see Dave Hughes as the person who will give us all a strong voice in Congress for smaller government, responsible spending, a stop to an ever-increasing tax burden on all wage earners.
  • Adam Hanson
    Associated Builders & Contractors endorsed 2018-10-08 19:55:12 -0500
    The Associated Builders and Contractors is pleased to endorse Dave Hughes for Congress. Dave will be a strong voice for the merit shop construction industry as well as the men and women they employ who build our state’s schools, restaurants, hospitals, multi-family housing, infrastructure, and so much more. Our members in Minnesota’s seventh congressional district from Marshall to East Grand Forks to Hutchinson and everywhere in between will be well-represented in Congress with Dave Hughes.
  • Barb Chervestad
    endorsed 2018-09-20 20:19:50 -0500
    I have been part of the Republican Party of MN since 2002, first as a secretary for my own county organization, till the present time, serving Congressional District 7 as Deputy Chair. I’ve witnessed Dave work for endorsement twice, and even harder for two separate primary wins. He doesn’t back down when fighting for what’s right, and Dave is the candidate who Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District voters want and need. Dave will go to Washington DC to deliver what’s promised, not simply promise to deliver. I wholeheartedly endorse Dave Hughes to represent me and all of CD7!
  • Donald Trump
    endorsed 2018-09-10 20:11:35 -0500
    Donald J. Trump

    ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

    Sep 8

    Dave Hughes is running for Congress in the Great State of Minnesota. He will help us accomplish our America First policies, is strong on Crime, the Border, our 2nd Amendmen, Trade, Military and Vets. Running against Pelosi Liberal Puppet Petterson. Dave has my Total Endorsement!
  • Maynard Herting
    endorsed 2018-08-07 22:27:01 -0500
    I whole heartedly endorse Dave for Congress. We both flew KC 135s while serving the U.S. Air Force at Grand Forks AFB. Dave works on my team providing excellent service as an instructor pilot for Homeland Security. He is an experienced leader who is known for his integrity. He is the right person to represent Minnesota.
  • Dan Fabian
    endorsed 2018-07-05 14:03:02 -0500
    Minnesota State Representative, District 1A

    I am proud to give Dave Hughes my enthusiastic endorsement in his effort to become our CD7 Congressman. Dave, along with his wonderful family, and I have teamed up at several events this year. Dave continues to impress me with his knowledge of issues, leadership, commitment to our country and the great people of CD7, and our shared values and principles. Dave’s natural leadership skills, enhanced while serving 21 years in the United States Air Force, will be very valuable to his constituents when Mr. Hughes goes to Washington.
  • Carol Johnson
    endorsed 2018-07-05 14:00:25 -0500
    Capt. ,USAF retired

    It is time to tell Collin to break up the band and let an instructor pilot teach him how to get the job done for the 7th district. David Hughes doesn’t have to make a pledge in front of your kids he already did that in front of a flag for over 21 years and proved it in combat.

    I stand behind David Hughes because I know he stands for us.

    He knows what it is like to fight the fight. He hasn’t changed his message . He is against over taxation. He wants the same thing for the rest of the 7th district as he does for his own 7 children to have more money in their pockets to live on. He is a true conservative and not afraid to stand up and say it. He is not hiding in the shadows of Pelosi and Ellison trying not to be noticed and caught in a lie.

    David has traveled all over the 7th District and knows what the people stand for. His faith in God is true. He wants to take your message to Washington and Defend you like no one has since 1991. David almost proved it in November but like some Minnesotans who wouldn’t give President Trump a chance their faith wasn’t strong enough. David Hughes doesn’t shy from the fight.
  • John Waller III
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:58:52 -0500
    Director of Grassroots Outreach, Hughes for Congress

    Dear Delegates, Alternates & Friends,

    My name is John Waller III, and I am the Director of Grassroots Outreach for the Dave Hughes for Congress campaign. I am a longtime volunteer conservative Republican activist from Otter Tail County. I have worked for many years for the party, helping many Republican candidates at all levels. I have been a delegate to the Seventh Congressional District Republican Party of Minnesota conventions for many years. My wife and I live in the great city of Pelican Rapids, where I work at Larry’s Supermarket and was also a past city council member.

    I am writing you today to share with you my endorsement of Dave Hughes as the next Congressman for the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota. Dave, his wife Amanda and his family are all individuals who I am privileged to call friends. Dave is a man of integrity and a man of his word. Dave Hughes is not running for Congress for his own personal gain, but rather because he loves his country and wants to leave his seven children and future grandchildren with a country of which they can be proud.

    There are several other reasons why Dave Hughes is the strongest candidate and clearest favorite that we have in the race for the endorsement of the Seventh Congressional District Republican Party of Minnesota, as well as in the November General Election:

    He came within just 5 points of beating Collin Peterson in 2016. No other Republican candidate has done better! The voters want a Republican victory by a Christian Conservative! Dave has proved his prowess in debate, in his studied policy stance, and also has an excellent military background which is well respected. He has top name recognition as well to add to the reasons he will DEFEAT COLLIN PETERSON IN 2018!

    Dave is working on improving his name recognition with all the parades, fairs, numerous radio interviews and he even guest hosted his own radio program! Dave Hughes is improving his 100% district wide name recognition, closing the gap and converting votes.

    Dave Hughes has just finished his 40th parade and has given out 40,000 stickers, with more parades still to go! No other candidate that has filed has done this much work on the popular vote. Dare I say no other candidate is even trying! I haven’t seen them and I have done over a dozen of these parades with Dave and his family or on my own. Dave has seen 1 candidate in 2 parades close to his home; and they knew him because of his state level position, he was probably there because of that and it was easy to do. Dave has been all over the district making as many parades as he physically can. Of course we all know the big challenge in CD7 is the vast distance it covers. Yet, Hughes has been to every corner.

    Dave has been in around 15 fairs and he spends 2-3 hours at each one he goes to. As those that have heard Dave speak, this is where he wins votes. And he is winning them constantly. He is converting Peterson votes to Hughes votes on a daily basis. Hughes is closing the 5 point gap in the popular vote.

    In the 40 parades and 15 fairs Dave has been to, he is meeting with the delegates. It is delegates and alternates and other dedicated Republicans that are the ones who are walking parades on behalf of Dave or the GOP and manning the GOP fair booths. As best he can tell, he has maintained loyal delegate endorsement from 2016. He hasn’t met one that wasn’t for him for 2018 endorsement! They are asking Dave for vehicle magnets, yard signs, his Make MN-7 Red Again hats, keeping stacks of flyers and stickers with them, etc. Not only are they saying they are voting for Dave at the endorsement convention in May, they are actively campaigning for him. Some are joining Team Hughes in some leadership capacity as well!

    Dave Hughes has Collin Peterson scared! Peterson does not know the other candidates, much like most voters in the 7th CD. Dave is the only candidate who has debated Peterson and is the only one who has gone head to head with him. He meets up with Collin at fairs and parades. Hughes has increased his confidence, comfort level, and is not phased one bit in discussing issues face-to-face with him. Hughes has some good ideas about how he will debate in 2018, and other more one-on-one interchanges he will have with Peterson after endorsement. If other Republican candidates are not showing up, they don’t see and talk with Peterson at the fairs and parades. BTW, when is the last time Peterson was in the district in odd years? Hughes has him nervous, and for good reason. 52% was a poor showing by Peterson in 2016. If you need a reason to vote for Hughes for endorsement, there is no more reason than that!

    Just this weekend, there were dedicated Republicans working the fair booths who were not even aware that there are other candidates in the race! This goes to show that hard work and name recognition matter. No one even knows who the other candidates are! If we want victory, we need the strongest, most conservative candidate that has worked the hardest with the best name recognition to go up against Collin Peterson.

    I have witnessed firsthand that there is strong grassroots support behind Dave Hughes. I have walked parades with him and driven his van. I have seen firsthand people cheering, giving thumbs up, fist pumping, and people running out into the street to shake his hand! They want photos with him. And I have sat in fair booths with him. My goal is to learn more about his stances, and who he is as a person. I have full faith and confidence in his character, the campaign, the team, his message, his principles, and HIS PLAN FOR VICTORY IN 2018!

    As the Dave Hughes for Congress Director of Grassroots Outreach, I humbly ask you to look at the movement happening in the district, and join us in growing this movement towards long awaited change. Would you consider helping Dave out as a volunteer? In the next few weeks, he will be still walking in more parades. Or would you consider volunteering in other ways? There are currently 12 Team Hughes Captains helping out in 10 counties. Would you consider being a Team Hughes Captain in your county?

    Lastly, would you consider joining Team Hughes with a donation to the campaign? Donations can be made securely online at hughesforcongress.us/donate. Or they may be mailed to Hughes for Congress PO Box 248 Karlstad, MN 56732. Any amount would be greatly appreciated!

    I fully stand by the information I share. I fully stand by Dave Hughes for Congress. And I ask you to contact me and join Team Hughes in order to be a part of this long awaited change!

  • Jesse McArdell
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:56:34 -0500
    President, College Republicans of Southwest Minnesota State University

    As President of the Southwest Minnesota State University College Republicans, I want to emphasize that we are excited to endorse Republican Dave Hughes in his quest for the US House seat of the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota in the 2018 midterm election. Our board met, and with 100% agreement has come to the decision to endorse Hughes for Congress. Dave Hughes is a strong Conservative who adheres to the principles of the constitution, and has a strong understanding of public policy and procedures. We are heavily engaged and energized with his very active campaign, travelling throughout the large 7th Congressional District. We will be actively campaigning for him and with him until the general election. We will welcome him this fall or winter for a Fundraiser and Town Hall. In November of 2018, we will be actively working on our campus in a massive get out the vote effort. Dave Hughes had a great showing in 2016, and now he has great momentum and name recognition. We are confident we will have a new Republican Congressman in Dave Hughes come 2018.
  • ‘Champion Of Champions’ For Vets
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:48:08 -0500
    210 E Broad St., Ste 202 Telephone: (703) 237-8980

    Falls Church, VA 22046 Fax: (703) 237-8976



    Ctr. for American Homeless Veterans Says Peterson a ‘Poor Choice for Vets’

    Est. in 1993, Vets’ Group One of Few in Country Making Endorsements

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Benjamin Peoples 703-237-8980

    Falls Church, Virginia – The Center for American Homeless Veterans (CAHV) announced today it is endorsing Dave Hughes for election in Minnesota’s 7th District naming him a “Champion of Champions” for American Veterans.

    Dave Hughes sees the corruption and malpractice in the VA as more than an oversight mishap; he also sees it as an issue of integrity. Hughes believes that those VA officials who have wasted veterans’ time and cost them their lives must be held accountable.

    “In 20 years of making endorsements for federal office, rarely has the Center for American Homeless Veterans found such a decisive and compelling case for the endorsement of a federal candidate,” said CAHV President Brian Hampton, MAJ USAR (ret). “CAHV gives its unqualified and emphatic endorsement to Dave Hughes to be elected to the Congress, where voters can be assured that he will be a stalwart champion for American Veterans.”

    During the spring and summer of 2016, CAHV contacted the leadership of incumbent Congressman Colin Peterson’s campaign at least six (6) times. CAHV staff made four phone calls and sent two emails asking for the candidate’s platform on American Veterans, inviting him to affirm the Veterans’ Bill of Rights (VBOR).

    The opponent’s campaign could not be bothered. They did not respond, and they did not take phone calls or reply to emails even after plenty of details were provided. Leadership and the mentality of a campaign comes from the top. The documented and clear conclusion is that Colin Peterson is a poor choice for American Veterans.

    Dave Hughes readily affirmed support for the Veterans Bill of Rights (VBOR), agreeing that the following points are of the utmost priority, and should be addressed in the 115th Congress:

    1) American Veterans are a top priority for the nation’s policy agenda.

    2) Responses on disability claims take far too long; wait times for disability claims should be no more than the 125-day goal VA set for itself.

    3) The GAO found that VA spent $7 billion by failing to negotiate on over 130,000 purchase orders. We affirm that the VA should negotiate for its procurement services.

    4) Several investigations found that the VA failed to collect a staggering amount owed to it by medical insurance companies. We affirm that the VA should collect on all outstanding fees owed.

    Dave Hughes’ support for oversight & accountability is evidence that he stands for the people. The oversight Dave Hughes supports in the VBOR could save taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars, by reigning in and reforming the executive departments. By pressuring Departments like the VA do their jobs, supporters of the Veterans Bill of Rights fight to improve conditions not just for veterans, but for every American.

    Deployed seven times, first as a pilot and later as an advisor and judge in Iraq, Hughes has the experience needed to handle conflicts in Congress. He is a family man, an avid Christian, and a proud father of seven children. David Hughes is the clear choice to fairly and honestly represent the people of Minnesota in Congress, and CAHV grants a full and unwavering endorsement for his election to MN-07.

    Established in 1993, The Center for American Homeless Veterans has sponsored 200 rallies/programs around the country in support of homeless veterans. A publication of CAHV, the VETERANS’ VISION harnesses the power of the media in support of veterans. Featuring articles of interest to veterans and civilians alike, the publication focuses the experience and dedication of leaders of the country on the challenges facing our nation.

    Two U.S. Presidents, four Presidential candidates, ten Cabinet Secretaries, 20 Presidential appointees at DOD and over 120 Members of Congress have written original articles for the publication. Endorsements by the publication have proven to be highly coveted; every two years, the most carefully read portion of the publication is the section on endorsements for federal office.

  • Robert B. Patterson
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:43:41 -0500
    Major General, U.S. Force (retired)

    “I endorse Dave Hughes to serve as U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s Seventh Congressional District. Our nation is starving for leaders of Dave’s caliber.”
  • Mark Taylor
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:39:01 -0500
    LtCol, USAF (Retired)

    I worked with Dave for a year or so at HQ AMC back in 2008-2009. We lived our Air Force Core Values every day. “Integrity first, Service before self, Excellence in all we do” He’ll be an outstanding US Rep for his district.
  • Brad Schmidt
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:36:47 -0500
    Former Pastor, Current Talk Show Host of The Schmidt Show on 1310KNOX AM, and Friend

    I know this man personally and if you are in MN CD7 you will not find a man of higher integrity to elect as your representative in congress. His more than just intelligent, he is wise. He is more than just qualified, he is capable. He is more than just ready, he is prepared. Even though I don’t live in MN, for all of my friends who do, I would encourage you to support David Hughes in any way you can but most importantly get out and vote for him in November!"
  • David Hale
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:35:33 -0500
    Rockford, IL

    Dave Hughes is a veteran a conservative and a savvy policy maker. His heart is truly for the American people and his oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States didn’t end when his time in service as a Military officer ended. There are few men I would follow into the halls of Congress and Dave Hughes is one of them.
  • K. Smith
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:35:00 -0500
    Grand Forks, ND

    I’ve known Dave for some time now, and can definitively say Dave Hughes isn’t interested in playing politics. He loves his country, and because of that he is interested in real solutions with measurable outcomes. He is an American patriot, wanting to again serve his countrymen. He knows the principles of liberty can do that best, and you can count on Dave Hughes to be the voice for liberty in Minnesota.
  • Scott A. Wilhelm
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:30:12 -0500
    Lt. Col (Ret), USAF

    I sincerely believe Minnesota’s 7th District would be well represented by Dave Hughes. I know Dave, from the time he served under my command, as an honest, diligent and capable servant of the people. Voters should certainly look at the positions taken by the candidates, and how those represent their views, but they should not question the integrity of this man or his commitment to subordinate his interests for theirs. He will work hard every day for you, as he did for this great Nation.
  • Peter Birchenough
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:29:15 -0500
    I flew combat missions with Dave after 9/11, we were squadron mates stationed at Grand Forks, ND. His exemplary character combined with his love of country make him a top choice for Congressman. It gives me hope that our political system that has been weakened by corruption and mistrust might be mended with Dave Hughes in place. With his integrity as his compass and his intelligence providing thrust, I have no doubt that he will consistently make the right decision. He has my highest recommendation and full support on his journey to win the Minnesota 7th Congressional Seat. God speed Dave!
  • Vince Jacobs
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:20:57 -0500
    Lt Col, United States Air Force

    I wholeheartedly endorse Dave Hughes for US Congress, representing Minnesota’s seventh congressional seat. Without doubt, Dave is one of the finest Americans I have known and served with in my 18 years in the US Air Force. While stationed together at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska Dave was instrumental in turning our Squadron into Air Mobility Command’s premier airlift unit. Dave’s desire and determination as an active duty service member can only be matched and surpassed by his love of God and family…traits I truly admire – Traits I know will help turn our country around. Elect Dave Hughes!
  • Matthew A. Shelly
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:19:51 -0500
    Major, United States Air Force

    It is my immense pleasure to endorse Mr. Dave Hughes in his run for US Congress. Mr. Hughes and I have worked together in the United States Air Force on various training and combat missions. I am proud to say Mr. Hughes is an honest, hard-working American with a heart for servant leadership. His integrity and conservative values are greatly needed in Washington and would be a great asset in our legislative process.
  • Barry S Grant Jr,
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:18:59 -0500
    Staff Sargent, United States Air Force

    Dave Hughes is an inspirational leader, with integrity second to none. His love and passion for bettering his community and America was apparent after my first conversation with him. After serving together for several years in the United States Air Force, I can say, Dave Hughes is the type of man Congress needs! He is a man of values, principles, integrity, and drive to fight for what is right. For those reasons, I fully support Dave Hughes for Congress!
  • David J Mazzara
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:16:45 -0500
    Lt. Col (Ret) USAF

    I’ve known Dave Hughes for 20 years now and I can tell you without a doubt, he has the right character, temperament, and values to represent us in Congress. Based on his record of service in the United States Air Force, I can think of no other individual to turn things around in Washington and clean up the mess our politicians have left us. I fully support Dave Hughes for Congress because he is a true American patriot, and a REAL conservative, who has and will continue to fight for all of us.
  • James A. Crutchfield
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:08:51 -0500
    Col, USAF (Ret)

    I’ve seen Dave in action as an Air Force Officer. He was an outstanding pilot and officer. His conduct during difficult circumstances in our military service like frequent deployments supporting world-wide combat operations was always exemplary. He is smart, humble man who knows that our country needs real selfless, servant-leadership. I am proud to know Dave, to have served with Dave and to support Dave Hughes for Congress.
  • Robert Folsom
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:07:02 -0500
    Lt Col (ret) USAF

    My name is Robert Folsom and I’m writing to extend my whole-hearted support for Dave Hughes to represent the 7th Congressional District in Congress and to encourage you to do the same this November. I’ve known Dave since the late 1990’s when we flew together as pilots in the U.S. Air Force at Grand Forks AFB. During that time, we shared many experiences, had many discussions about the important issues that affected our nation and enjoyed sharing insights we each discovered regarding the founding principles of the United States, the most unique Republic in history. I would like to assure you that the Dave Hughes I knew back then is very much the same Dave Hughes I read about, listen to and see humbly asking for your vote this election season. In my opinion, a vote for Dave Hughes would be incredibly beneficial for the 7th Congressional District and here is why.

    Dave Hughes has a bedrock belief in the Founder’s intent for our nation. He understands that despite her faults, the United States is an exceptional land that should be honored and protected by its citizens. He proved as much as a career officer in the Air Force and anyone who spends any time with Dave will quickly understand his passion for the United States and our Constitution. You can bet he will continue to support and defend the Constitution and fight hard to preserve all that our nation is and has yet to become. As a career Air Force officer and pilot, take comfort knowing he will do so decisively and with integrity.

    Dave Hughes is a true family man with a deep and personal faith. Those traits are treated with disdain by many these days but in order for a nation to flourish, it takes people like Dave with rare inner strength to step-up, stand by their convictions and tenaciously represent everyone’s rights. Dave Hughes is a man of action who now sees and opportunity to serve his country once again and honor the Founders of this nation by preserving the Liberties they held so dear and fought so hard to attain for us. He’s a thinking man who will dig deep in order to fully understand the issues that impact Minnesotans. I am convinced he will represent you and all the citizens of the 7th Congressional District with integrity and vigor.

    Let’s be honest. What most of us want to see in Washington DC are representatives who are real, who listen to us, represent us with integrity and get things done. I have no doubts that Dave Hughes will bring all those traits to the House of Representatives, along with genuine passion, intellectual tenacity and a sense of duty to serve both the interests of the Minnesota 7th Congressional District and when required, the larger interests of every citizen of the United States.

    I consider Dave Hughes to be a true patriot and friend. As I have done, I encourage each of you to read more about Dave’s policy positions at www.HughesForCongress.US. Seek out opportunities to listen to him and explain these positions and answer your questions in person or online. If you are able, consider supporting him with a monetary donation or with your time. And by all means, when it is your time to step into the polling booth this November, consider long and hard the benefits of sending a fellow citizen, a neighbor, a veteran and a man of character to Capitol Hill. Put some new perspectives to work for you in Congress. Vote for Dave Hughes on Tuesday, November 8th and watch him deliver the kind of honorable service to your district that you can be proud of.
  • Timmy A. Ragsdale
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:06:00 -0500
    Maj USAF (ret)

    I wholeheartedly endorse Dave Hughes in his run for congress. In the many years I have known him he has proven to be diligent in his duties and faithful to his commitments. I have no doubt that he will prove to be a clear thinking, courageous, capable, and compassionate congressman.
  • William T Skeeters
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:03:21 -0500
    Financial Products Representative, Airline Pilot, US Air Force Veteran

    It is with great honor that I fully endorse Mr. Dave Hughes in his run for Representative of Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District.

    I have known Dave for 20 years through our time as pilots in the Air Force. During that span, he has demonstrated time and again a maturity, dedication, and loyalty far superior to our peers. He is, quite simply, a standout!

    As young Air Force Officers, while others might rest on their laurels or decide to blow off steam through some fruitless endeavor, Dave spent his free time finding a way to better himself and achieve one more step toward his goals. Always social and engaging, he would find ways to steer a conversation topics such as economics, politics, or world events. He was interested in hearing other’s opinions, gathering book recommendations, and improving his knowledge of any important subject.

    It did not surprise me in the least to hear of Dave’s running for Congress. He has always had an interest in improving the situation of others around him. He strives to take his undying desire to further the constructive pursuits of others to the next level. He is truly selfless, a giver, a leader and perfectly suited for public office.

    It is a privilege to urge those in the 7th District to consider Dave for Congress. You will not be disappointed in having a man such as this represent you in Washington.
  • Robert D. Duncan
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:02:13 -0500
    Major USAF (ret)

    I am proud to say I served wtih Dave Hughes in the U.S. Air Force. I can vouch that Dave’s character is beyond reproach. He loves his family and he is a patriot who loves our great country. Please consider voting for Dave Hughes as your next U.S. Representative.
  • Cameron D. Wedewer
    endorsed 2018-07-05 13:01:11 -0500
    SrA, USA (Ret)

    I have absolutely no doubt that Dave Hughes is the best person to represent Minnesota’s 7th District. As Remotely Piloted Aircraft crewmembers, I have spent over 200 hours working directly with Dave in a year’s time. When you spend that much time with someone you learn more about their views and opinions. In those times I discovered I shared so many of the same opinions as Dave and learned what it was like to work with a true patriot. His far-reaching knowledge of politics, military prowess, and exceptional professionalism will allow him to excel in any position within our government.

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