First Minnesota 7th Congressional District Poll is Bad News For Collin Peterson & Good News for Dave Hughes

First Minnesota 7th Congressional District Poll is Bad News For Collin Peterson & Good News for Dave Hughes

September 13, 2017 (Karlstad, MN)  --  Dave Hughes, Constitutional Conservative Republican Challenger to Democrat Collin Peterson for the 2018 midterms has commissioned the first poll of the election cycle.  Results are not good for Collin Peterson, as the poll shows Hughes and Peterson are neck and neck with almost 1/3rd of people polled still undecided.  Clearly support for Collin Peterson is diminishing.

The poll consisted of 504 people in Minnesota’s Congressional District 7.  Collin Peterson came in with 40%, Hughes at 33%, and 27% listed undecided.  Those taking the poll had an option to leave a comment at the end, and 8% of people asked why other Republican candidates were not listed.  These were Republicans that marked “Undecided”.  Surely if they were for a different GOP candidate now, their vote will go to Hughes in 2018 if he wins party endorsement. The polling company’s directors discussed the results and determined that since Hughes was the 2016 candidate, with the best name recognition and best performance of any Republican in over 20 years, any Republican candidate entering the race to try for endorsement over Hughes, or if anyone tries to primary Hughes, is essentially sabotaging the momentum, with a Democratic Party victory likely as a result.  What they see in Congressional District 7’s race is something they have never seen, between the unpopularity of an incumbent and Republican challengers sabotaging their own party’s best candidate in Dave Hughes.  They are seeing incumbent unpopularity far beyond anything they are seeing in races around the country, with the average normally around 10% undecided, now incumbents are seeing 10-15% undecided in 2017, due to lack of results in Congress.  In Minnesota’s Congressional District 7, 27% of voters listed undecided.  Dave Hughes has some votes he can win -- that is for sure!

The poll was equally split 50% Democrats and 50% Republicans.  This is not representative of the district.  President Trump won this district by 30 points in 2016.  The Cook Political Report lists this district as +12% Republican.  Therefore the results were skewed towards Collin Peterson, and still he didn’t do well, not even hitting 50%, which would include complete loyalty from his Democratic party.

The poll Hughes commissioned asked western Minnesotans what the top issues are that they consider in selecting their next Congressman.  Hughes will use this information to best communicate with the district.  Unfortunately for Collin Peterson, the Farm Program, his bread and butter issue, was not listed by 1 of 504 people polled as their top issue that decided who they will vote for in 2018.  Collin Peterson doesn’t speak of, lead on, or write legislation regarding the top 8 issues that matter most to the district.   Victory for Conservatives can certainly happen in November 2018 by electing Dave Hughes!

Hughes worked grassroots extensively over the summer, and now is going into fundraising mode.  Momentum continues to grow in both aspects.  Hughes leads the Republican field in name recognition, funding, support and team building.  With proper funding Hughes can better get his message of more prosperity, security and integrity for western Minnesotans and the entire nation.  Clearly there are votes to be won, and with funding to get out Hughes’ message there will be a Conservative victory in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District.  Please donate online at www.HughesForCongress.US, or mail in a check to Hughes for Congress PO Box 248, Karlstad, MN 56732.  If you have any questions please call the campaign at 218-436-3309 for more information.



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