Hughes Gains Momentum

Hughes Gains Momentum

I have the Republican base support, evidenced by my winning both the party endorsement and the Primary. I have Independent's support. Independents believe there is more to being a U.S. Rep than the Ag bill. People in western MN are hurting due to high taxation, government overreach, anxiety over Islamic Terror, and concerns over loss of religious liberties -- issues in which Collin Peterson is failing to exhibit any leadership or vision. Now I'm gaining Democratic support. Votes have been already cast by Democrats, those supporting Hillary Clinton, who now believe their U.S. Rep needs to be refreshed by lending their support to me, Dave Hughes. The voice from so many is it is time for Collin Peterson's retirement, and their vote goes to me, a retired U.S. Air Force Combat vet, to represent western Minnesota in Congress. I am excited and ready to serve!

You can register to vote or verify you are set to vote here:

Find your polling place so you know exactly where to go on November 8th:

If you just don't know if you will be able to make it to your polling location for any reason, or you want to be sure to get it done; you can request an absentee ballot here:…/abregistrationstep1.aspx


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