Hughes Leads Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District Race in District Fundraising & Team Building

Hughes Leads Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District Race in District Fundraising & Team Building

August 18, 2017 (Karlstad, MN) - Dave Hughes, the Republican Challenger to Collin Peterson not only surpassed all Republicans in fundraising in the 2nd Quarter, he surpassed Collin Peterson in funds raised within the district.  Dave Hughes is also the only candidate in the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota that has self-funded to some extent.  Hughes is the only candidate with skin in the game.

Hughes has worked the grassroots efforts very aggressively in the 2nd quarter to maintain his 2016 momentum.  Dave Hughes has attended 35 parades and 12 county fairs so far, with more on the calendar.  It is clear that Dave Hughes’ name recognition is at the top of the leaderboards right now, and change is coming to the 7th District.  Recent feedback to Hughes on the 2018 midterms, “Dave Hughes is the Conservative Champion we’ve been looking for!”, and, “Dave Hughes is unbeatable.  This contest is over before it even started.”  Clearly the district is ready to turn red.  Hughes has been working hard connecting with the voters over the summer, connecting with delegates at events, and making key connections with donors and influencers.

Dave Hughes Team Hughes Captains

Tim Benoit


David Rohy


Mickey Kyler


Shelly Woods


Jon Allen


Janine Hanson


Jesse McArdell


Carol Johnson


Aubrey Giesen


Darin Smedsmo


Wayne Warne


Carlos Ramirez


Team Hughes is growing at a consistent rate as well.  Hughes has increased his district-wide leadership and has Team Hughes Captains in 10 of the 38 counties.  In some counties Hughes has unofficial leadership that is working behind the scenes, as they cannot back him until endorsement in respect to their county BPOU Constitution.  These Captains are actively sending Hughes key donor information, have walked in parades, and preparing for the spring Republican Endorsement.

Through the Fall & Winter Dave Hughes will focus on seeking out the endorsement convention delegates, making continual key connections, and fundraising.

Republican Endorsement is set for May 19th, 2018 at the Thumper Pond Resort.  May 18th the 7thDistrict Republicans will host a banquet, following which Dave Hughes will host a Hospitality Suite in the Eagle View Room at Thumper Pond.

Dave Hughes was the 2016 Republican Challenger to Collin Peterson and came closer to defeating him than any other Republican in over 20 years.  He was then the first US House candidate in the nation to file with the Federal Election Commission for 2018.  Dave Hughes is a US Air Force Combat Veteran, with a studied Constitutional Conservative platform that resonates well in Minnesota’s 7thCongressional District.



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