Hughes Observations about Peterson’s Detroit Lakes Health Care Town Hall

Hughes Observations about Peterson’s Detroit Lakes Health Care Town Hall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Karlstad, MN) -- Collin Peterson supports a Single Payer Health Care system. Collin Peterson features himself a conservative, blue dog Democrat, but he’s fine with the country going to Single Payer. Collin Peterson is not the conservative he pretends to be.

- In Collin Peterson’s opening remarks he once again repeated he didn’t vote for initial passage of ACA in ‘09/’10, and repeated he opposed repeal of ACA because there are several good things in ACA worth keeping. That’s talking out both sides of his mouth; typical of a career politician. If you ask Collin what’s good about ACA, he only ever mentions two things – Pre-existing Conditions, and Kids on Parent’s policies until age 26. For the sake of argument let’s dispense with the latter; kids on parents policies until 26 is a nice to have, not a major national priority. That leaves Pre-existing conditions. The question we must answer as a nation, and which Collin Peterson never discusses is, is the current Obamacare solution to Pre-existing Conditions worth the daily financial and medical devastation experienced by the farmers, small business owners, and other individual market consumers all over western Minnesota and our nation?

- Collin Peterson said, “Drop the Medicare eligibility age to 55. That will solve the problem.”

Collin Peterson is advocating Medicare for All – hardly a conservative position for an ostensibly maverick, Blue Dog Democrat to take.

- 14 times over 27 years Collin Peterson has sworn an oath of office to support and defend the U.S. Constitution. Where in our Constitution does it authorize Medicare for All or anything like it?

- “Biggest problem with Single Payer (proposed) bills is they’ve never been scored by the CBO. If they score them, and it works, I might be willing to go along with it.” – Collin Peterson. Biggest problem in my mind is that Single Payer is not constitutional. At least 6 times that night Collin Peterson advocated for Single Payer. He admitted there is government rationing with Single Payer, but he’s fine with it. Are these the views of a Democrat who is “practically a Republican”? I think not.

- Collin Peterson is not a fan of tax cuts for working Americans, including the hardworking farmers of western Minnesota.

- “Maybe we should turn over (administration) of health care to the Veteran’s Administration.” - Collin Peterson

- “I’m a VA patient right now, on a 3-5 year waiting list for adjudication of my VA disability rating dispute. I don’t think a 3-5 year wait is good for America. I think Collin Peterson is wrong and out of touch.” - Dave Hughes

- It’s astounding to watch Collin Peterson do a town hall about Health Care, and NOT offer to those in attendance his 5-point plan for fixing the mess we’re in. Instead, he chuckles about how “screwed-up” everything is, as if he bears no responsibility. Amazing!

Dave Hughes was Collin Peterson’s 2016 Republican Challenger. He came within 5 points of winning, closer than any Republican in 22 years. Hughes was the first US House candidate in the nation to file with the FEC for the 2018 midterms and has been working since his narrow loss for a 2018 victory.

Hughes can be reached at 218-452-3214 or DaveHughes@HughesForCongress.US. Find him on Facebook at “Dave Hughes For Congress”. Find him on Twitter and Instagram @DHughesCongress. Or learn more about his Constitutional Conservative stances at www.HughesForCongress.US.




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