Ret. Major Dave Hughes Announces Candidacy for Minnesota's 7th Congressional District

For Immediate Release
Karlstad, MN -- Retired Air Force Major Dave Hughes announced today he is a Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives to serve the people of Minnesota's 7th Congressional District.
“Congress is failing our nation with irresponsible overspending that saddles the American people with a crushing National Debt that threatens the American Dream for our children and generations to come. We need more battle-tested veterans and principled leaders to take power back from the federal government and return it to the people," said Hughes.
“Collin Peterson is a prime example of what’s wrong with the DC swamp. Peterson is a career politician who’s been in office for 40 years. He supports more out-of-control spending through wasteful pork-barrel projects, higher taxes, and allowing a pathway to U.S. citizenship for illegal aliens, including murderers, gang members, and drug runners. Recently, Peterson has a track record of voting against President Trump’s policies more than 80% of the time, including repeatedly opposing funding for the southern border wall. Further, he has sponsored and voted for legislation that would kill millions of American jobs and allow child molesters and rapists to use women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. He has voted in lockstep with Representatives Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib. It is time western Minnesota be represented by a strong Conservative who will put America First and support President Trump.”
“The elephant in the room is that Agriculture is in a death spiral, despite Peterson’s 30 years of opportunity to implement sound policy. During Collin’s long tenure, despite his ostensible clout, Minnesota has lost most of its dairies, corn prices have stagnated, family farms have gone under, and everyone in western Minnesota knows a farmer who’s committed suicide. This crisis must be turned around”, said Hughes.
“I’ll be a champion for Conservative policies to secure our southern border and solve our present humanitarian crisis, rein in federal spending, reduce the debt, remove government bureaucrats from our healthcare decisions, defend our 2nd Amendment rights, be a strong advocate for the pro-life movement, protect our family farms and ranches, and allow free markets to thrive.”
“In 2018, I was proud to be endorsed by President Trump, and I’m ready again to campaign across all 38 counties of this district to re-elect President Trump and turn this congressional district red for the first time since 1991. Trump won this district in 2016 by more than thirty points. The 7th district wants an outsider, a battle-tested veteran and supporter of the President to be their next representative in Congress."
Major Hughes is a 21-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He flew the KC-135 Stratotanker, C-21 Learjet, and the MQ-9 Reaper UAS. Hughes deployed to combat zones seven times, participating in Operations Northern Watch, Southern Watch, Allied Force, and Iraqi Freedom.
Major Hughes lives in Karlstad, Minnesota, with his wife, Amanda, and their 7 children.
The Hughes for Congress campaign is preparing for a Fundraising Campaign Kick-Off this fall. For more information go to www.HughesForCongress.US or find Dave Hughes on Facebook.

We Can't Afford to Sit on the Sidelines

For Immediate Release – Nov 7, 2018


Karlstad, MN -

“I’d like to congratulate Congressman Peterson on his election to a 15th term in office and his 38 years in public office,” said Dave Hughes.

After the close, 4.2% defeat last night by the Congressman, despite being outspent 10 to 1, Dave Hughes issued the following statement:


“While the results were not what my family and I had hoped, we respect the votes of the people of western Minnesota and thank all those who worked so hard to support my campaign with their time and treasure. We have seen what a professional campaign can accomplish in four short months.

We brought our positive message about a better direction to the voters directly, since we could not afford to respond to every negative attack on the air this past month. Despite this inequity, voters showed strong support for change: we over-performed nearly every politico’s expectation by over ten percent. We eclipsed the one poll in the race by 14 points, shocking national observers. The message of true Conservative Leadership clearly resonates.

Together with the people of western Minnesota, Amanda and I look on with horror at what metro progressives and Congressional liberals under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi are sure to do in coming years. Because of this, I will continue to work to bring reason and representation that defends the values of western Minnesota to the 38 counties of our district. I ask all like-minded people to join me. We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines.

We will have more to say in the coming days.”





Kip Christianson


RealClearPolitics (RCP) moves Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District race into the toss-up column

RealClearPolitics (RCP) moves Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District race into the toss-up column


KARLSTAD, Minn. – RealClearPolitics (@RealClearNews), the widely respected political news and polling website, yesterday moved the race for Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District into the toss-up column. The race in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District is a rare pick up opportunity for the GOP, in a Congressional District that Donald Trump carried by 31 points over Hillary Clinton in 2016.


“Our message is resonating with the voters across the district because they want a member of Congress who will work with President Donald Trump and continue his agenda to Keep America Great,” said Dave Hughes, GOP candidate for Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District. “After 28 years in Congress, Collin Peterson is out-of-touch with the people of Western Minnesota and on Election Day the voters of this district will make it clear: they think 28 years in Congress is long enough.”


See the rating change, here.


Earlier this year, President Donald Trump endorsed Dave Hughes for Congress: “@realDonaldTrump: Dave Hughes is running for Congress in the Great State of Minnesota. He will help us accomplish our America First policies, is strong on Crime, the Border, our 2nd Amendment, Trade, Military and Vets. Running against Pelosi Liberal Puppet Peterson. Dave has my Total Endorsement!”



About Dave Hughes


Dave Hughes is a 21-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a veteran of the Iraq War. A political outsider, Dave Hughes gave 28-year incumbent Collin Peterson a scare in 2016, losing by the narrowest margin in two decades despite being outspent 35 to 1. Today, Dave Hughes serves the country as the lead Schoolhouse instructor pilot for US Customs and Border Protection’s Predator drone program, flying operational missions over the northern and southern US borders daily. Dave lives in Karlstad, Minnesota with his wife, Amanda, and their 7 children and is currently running for Congress in Minnesota’s 7th congressional district. For more information, visit

This press release was prepared and paid for by Hughes for Congress, P.O. Box 248, Karlstad, MN 56732



Dave Hughes for Congress

Kip Christianson, 763-443-0599

Largest Minnesota Pro-Life Organization Not Endorsing Any Candidate in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District - WHY??

October 29th, 2018 (Karlstad, MN) - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Minnesota’s largest pro-life organization, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) has decided to not endorse either Dave Hughes or Collin Peterson for the 2018 midterms.  There is some concerning pro-abortion history with Collin Peterson, and Dave Hughes has never held office, therefore doesn’t have a voting record. Minnesota Pro-Life supporters are looking for a champion.

MCCL and Collin Peterson have had a rocky relationship in the last 6 years.  In 2012, MCCL decided to not endorse in Congressional District 7 (CD7) due to pressure from Republican Candidate Lee Byberg.  Byberg pressured MCCL since Peterson refused to vote to repeal Obamacare, which funds abortion. Byberg didn’t get endorsed because he was a businessman, therefore had no voting record.

This lack of endorsement in 2012 lead to a little hiccup in the Peterson pro-life narrative.  After a College Democrat event at Concordia College, Peterson was stopped outside by 2 female students.  One young lady asked for a photo with Peterson, and the other pretended to take a photo with her cell phone, but in reality they were video-recording.  The student that had her photo taken with Peterson asked him why MCCL didn’t endorse him, and he said “Because I didn’t vote to repeal Obamacare.” And “The only place it got reported was MPR, and those people don't listen to MPR.", suggesting the lack of endorsement didn’t matter, and suggesting pro-life voters don’t listen to MPR so they didn’t hear about the lack of endorsement.  Peterson then said, “They are just a bunch of extremists anyways.” Followed by, “This is the end of them as an organization.” This made national news! The video is still available on youtube by searching “Collin Peterson Calls Pro-Life Movement Extremist”.


In 2014 MCCL went no endorsement in the Peterson - Westrom match up because both had pro-life voting records, and yet Peterson had concerning votes against repealing Obamacare.


In 2016, MCCL endorsed Peterson over Hughes.  Hughes pressed MCCL because by this time in over 60 Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare, Peterson refused to vote in favor of the repeal, therefore allowed our tax dollars to go towards abortion.  Yet the endorsement was given. A lesson was learned that you have to be out front on this and fight for the endorsement, and maybe bring up old history.


In 2018, the Hughes campaign worked early to press the fact that not only now in over 70 attempts to repeal Obamacare has Peterson refused to vote in favor of repeal, he has voted numerous times for omnibus spending bills that funded Planned Parenthood.  In addition, a look at Federal Election Commission reports, Peterson has given away tens of thousands of dollars of his campaign money to radically pro-abortion (and anti-gun for that matter) candidates (e.g. Margaret Anderson Kelliher, 2018). How can Peterson be pro-life if he funds the radically pro-abortion majority of his party?  How can Peterson be pro-life and caucus with the most radically anti-life politicians in our nation? How can Peterson be truly pro-life and also a Super Delegate for Bernie Sanders who has a 100% rating with NARAL Pro-Choice America, and believes there should be no limits on abortion? How can Peterson be pro-life and yet endorse and campaign with an extreme anti-life candidate for Governor, by flying him around CD7 in his personal plane?  Peterson is listed on the Tim Walz for Governor website as endorsing him, and social media accounts show Peterson and Walz photographed at Peterson’s plane and at several CD7 events Peterson flew Walz to in our “rocks and cows” rural district.


Peterson endorsed former Planned Parenthood executive Tina Smith for the disgraced Al Franken seat.  Smith worked as the VP of External Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.  In the Star Tribune on Jan 20, 2018 just 2 weeks after being appointed to the Franken seat by Democratic Governor Mark Dayton, MCCL Executive Director Scott Fischbach is quoted as saying, “Tina Smith doesn’t just support abortion, she lobbied on its behalf. She worked to defeat any conceivable limitations on it. She was an executive for the state’s abortion leader. She is the abortion senator.”  Peterson was quoted on the Minnpost website on December 14th, 2017 as saying about Smith, “She’s a good gal,” he said. “She seems to relate well to my constituents.”


If you disagree with Peterson, please consider voting for Dave Hughes on November 6th.  Peterson’s rocky road of promotion, supporting, and funding of the abortion cause has eliminated his backing from MCCL.


Hughes has a 100% rating with MCCL and will be a defender of life as your next Congressman.  He will have a strong pro-life voting record, and he will lead on the issue.


Hughes is a political outsider, US Air Force retired pilot, officer and Iraqi War Vet.  Hughes’ defense of life is unwavering, defending American life in the armed forces for over 21 years.  Hughes defends life from conception until natural death, and will be a pro-life leader in the US House, promising to submit an amendment to the US Constitution to end human abortion.


Hughes is a husband, and father to 7 children, including a daughter that was a special needs adoption from China.  Hughes has been dedicated to the pro-life cause his whole life, most recently walking with his family in the 2017 MCCL Walk for Life at the capitol on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, and a 2018 march and prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood in 2018.


Once elected Hughes will be a strong partner with MCCL and the National Right to Life organizations.   Hughes will be a champion of the pro-life cause.  Hughes will never fund or endorse pro-choice candidates, vote to fund Planned Parenthood, cast aspersions on pro-life groups, and he is completely dedicated to completely repealing Obamacare including abortion provisions.  Hughes is the pro-life champion Congressional District 7 of Minnesota is looking for.


More information on the Dave Hughes for Congress campaign can be found at www.HughesForCongress.US, emailing, or calling the campaign at 218-436-3309.  The 2018 midterm election is on November 6th.  Dave Hughes asks for the pro-life vote. Please vote by mail or in person on election day and work to move the pro-life agenda forward.


ALIPAC Endorses Dave Hughes

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is endorsing the Congressional campaign of Republican Dave Hughes who is running against 28 year Democrat incumbent Collin Peterson who supports Amnesty for illegal aliens in Minnesota's 7th District.

Dave Hughes has made illegal immigration the top issue on his campaign website, where he promises to fund the border wall, deport illegal immigrants, and crack down on sanctuary cities and states. 

Dave Hughes has also completed ALIPAC's 2018 federal candidate survey where he promises to oppose "changing existing laws to accommodate millions of illegal immigrants through 'immigration reform', DACA, Dream Act, or Comprehensive Amnesty which would allow illegal aliens to either have a path to citizenship, a new visa, or some new form of legal status which would eventually lead to a new voting bloc of 11-20 million illegal immigrants, which would in turn destroy any future hopes of border or immigration law existence or enforcement by handing permanent political power to the Democrats."

Dave Hughes is a 21 year veteran of the United States Air Force who worked in combat zones for the US seven times and who currently works for General Atomics as an MQ-9 UAS Reaper (Drone) Instructor Pilot.

His Democrat opponent Collin Peterson supports Amnesty for illegal immigrants and has cosponsored Amnesty legislation such as the Dream Act Amnesty and bills that would put illegal immigrants into the US military to receive Amnesty. 

Rep. Collin Peterson also voted to protect and fund Obama's overtly illegal and unconstitutional DACA Amnesty orders which indicates support for dictatorial actions to support illegal immigrants in America.

"Minnesota voters have a clear choice in this race between an illegal alien Amnesty supporting Democrat like Collin Peterson who supports violating the US Constitution and our existing immigration laws with DACA Amnesty and a supporter of our existing Constitution, border and immigration laws like Dave Hughes," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "We will do our best to help voters remember on Election Day that a vote for Dave Hughes is a vote against Amnesty for illegal immigrants in America." 

Dave Hughes for Congress has been added to ALIPAC's Endorsments Page at

ALIPAC supporters are being encouraged to vote for, volunteer for, and donate to Dave Hughes for Congress who can be found on the web at

ALIPAC was founded in 2004 to support candidates and campaign volunteers who want to see more done to stop and reverse illegal immigration and Amnesty in America. For more information about Dave Hughes or Collin Peterson, or to schedule interviews, please visit


The Guardian Fund Endorses Dave Hughes


The Guardian Fund Endorses Dave Hughes


October 16, 2018 – (Karlstad, MN) – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The Guardian Fund endorses Dave Hughes for his race in the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota.  The Guardian Fund is a political action committee established in 2012 by former Florida Congressman and Lieutenant Colonel Allen West with a mission to support conservative veterans and minorities seeking elected office.  Led by Congressman Barry Loudermilk, The Guardian Fund is one of the largest and most active veteran-focused PACs in the country.  

In a statement from Congressman Loudermilk, he says:

“I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for your service to this great nation, both in uniform and out. As a member of the US Armed Forces you risked your life on the battlefield, and as a veteran your service to the American people continues as you seek elected office. Your dedication to this country is second to none, and I have taken notice.  Because of your loyalty to preserving and protecting the United States and its conservative American values, it is my honor to support your candidacy.

The United States deserves to be led by individuals who not only understand our military, but by those whom have sworn an oath to be a part it.  Forty years ago, 72 percent of lawmakers in the US House and 78 percent of those in the US Senate honorably served in the armed forces.  We need servicemen and women to safely lead us through the challenges on the 21st century battlefield and to represent this country on the world stage. 

 - Congressman Barry Loudermilk, US House GA-11, US Air Force Veteran, and Guardian Fund Chairman

“I am thrilled with The Guardian Fund endorsement!  To be in such good company with fellow brothers and sisters in arms and great patriots is wonderful!  This endorsement being one of the top veteran PAC endorsements is truly an honor and a spotlight on my 21+ years in service to our nation as a US Air Force combat veteran, pilot and officer.  I wish to serve our nation in a new capacity, if I am chosen to serve November 6th.”  - Dave Hughes, Republican Candidate for US House, MN-7

The Guardian Fund hosted a special Fall Endorsement Event on Wednesday, October 10th in Washington DC highlighting their 18 Endorsements, which included Dave Hughes.  This event was hosted by Congressman Jim Banks, Congressman Don Bacon, Congressman John Bergman, and Congressman Clay Higgins.  Unfortunately, Dave Hughes was unable to attend due to his intense, in-district grassroots efforts.

Dave Hughes served our nation in several capacities in 21 years on Active Duty, including administrative, leadership, combat, special projects, and as an officer; retiring at the rank of Major in 2014.  He currently is an employee of General Atomics, a contractor to the US Customs & Border Protection, as the lead schoolhouse instructor for their drone program.  When school is not in session, he is actively patrolling our northern and southern borders via drone.  Dave Hughes wishes to serve our nation again as the next Congressman from the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota.  Voting is already underway as many precincts don’t open in rural MN, but election day is November 6th.  More information can be found at www.HughesForCongress.US, info@HughesForCongress.US or at 218-436-3309.



Dave Hughes Endorsed by Associated Builders & Contractors of MN/ND and the National Associated Builders & Contractors

ABC Logo


October 8, 2018 – (Karlstad, MN) – Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) endorses candidates who champion free market principles and who defend the merit shop philosophy. This philosophy encourages open competition and a free-enterprise approach to construction based solely on merit, regardless of labor affiliation.  ABC of MN/ND and the national organization of ABC has endorsed Dave Hughes in the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota race.


“The Associated Builders and Contractors is pleased to endorse Dave Hughes for Congress. Dave will be a strong voice for the merit shop construction industry as well as the men and women they employ who build our state’s schools, restaurants, hospitals, multi-family housing, infrastructure, and so much more. Our members in Minnesota’s seventh congressional district from Marshall to East Grand Forks to Hutchinson and everywhere in between will be well-represented in Congress with Dave Hughes.”  -Adam Hanson, Director of Government & Public Affairs of ABC of MN/ND


“I stand tall with the American Builder and Contractor.  These hard working Americans are building the infrastructure for the advancement of our society.  I will be a strong advocate for the issues that matter most to ABC such as small government, probusiness immigration reform, low taxes, addressing energy needs, safe environmental practices, healthcare reform that keeps costs low for business and the worker, and regulation reform.  I believe if we unleash the power of the American worker with free market policies we will see major rejuvenation to the economy of the 7th District of Minnesota and across our great nation.  Our builders and contractors will build our businesses, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure needed for this booming American economy.”  -Dave Hughes, Republican Candidate for US House, MN-7

Dave Hughes is running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota.  He is a 21+ year Active Duty Retired US Air Force Combat Veteran, Pilot, and Officer.  Dave Hughes is endorsed by President Donald Trump.  Election is November 6th, and voting is underway.  For more information contact www.HughesForCongress.US, info@HughesForCongress.US, or by phone at 218-436-3309.



Statement from Dave Hughes Regarding USMCA Announcement


October 1, 2018



Kip Christianson, (763) 443-0599


Statement from Dave Hughes regarding USMCA announcement


Karlstad – The following is a statement from Dave Hughes:


“The United States-Canada-Mexico Agreement announced earlier today, and recently opposed by Representative Peterson, is a huge win for western Minnesota farmers and manufacturers. It’s the biggest trade deal in United States history, but USMCA is especially big for its benefits to our workforce, grain trade renegotiations, and massive wins in access to the Canadian market for our dairy, egg, and poultry producers. Grain no longer will be automatically classified as ‘feed grain’ in trade, Canada will eliminate its Class 7 dairy program, and we have been granted massive new access to dairy, egg, and poultry markets.”


Shortly after the 2016 election, Representative Peterson initially expressed support for ending NAFTA in support of a new trade regime. However, Nancy Pelosi quickly got to him, and Representative Peterson now opposes President Trump and this great trade deal. When challenged by Chris Berg on Point of View, Peterson said that he “misspoke” in 2016 when strongly supporting renegotiation.


“There was a time when Representative Peterson would stand strong for his district over party. That time has passed. His fealty to Nancy Pelosi, flip-flopping on trade for partisan purposes should not be forgotten,” said Hughes. “Despite the obstruction of Democrats like my opponent, who would rather impeach the President than partake in the prosperity this administration is providing us, Republicans are delivering on the promises they made to the American people and western Minnesotans who supported President Trump by an over thirty-point margin!”


Last month, Dave Hughes met with a representative of Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer who indicated that this deal was coming, and that there is far, far more coming down the pike to help the American people win on trade. 


“On a well-negotiated, and fair playing field, the American people, American manufacturers, and the American farmer will win every time in the global market.”


Earlier last month, President Trump endorsed Dave Hughes for Congress: “Dave Hughes is running for Congress in the Great State of Minnesota. He will help us accomplish our America First policies, is strong on Crime, the Border, our 2nd Amendment, Trade, Military and Vets. Running against Pelosi Liberal Puppet Peterson. Dave has my Total Endorsement!”


# # #


Prepared and paid for by Hughes for Congress, P.O. Box 248, Karlstad, MN 56732

Trump Endorses Dave Hughes


September 12, 2018


Kip Christianson – Campaign Manager, Hughes for Congress


Media Headshot

Karlstad, MN – On Saturday morning, the President of The United States, Donald J. Trump, via Twitter, issued his “Total Endorsement” of Dave Hughes’ campaign to unseat 28-year incumbent Democrat Collin Peterson in western Minnesota’s seventh Congressional district. Trump won the district by 31 points in 2016. This is the first Trump endorsement of a challenger running against a Democratic incumbent running for reelection in the House.

The President tweeted: ”Dave Hughes is running for Congress in the Great State of Minnesota. He will help us accomplish our America First policies, is strong on Crime, the Border, our 2nd Amendmen, Trade, Military and Vets. Running against Pelosi Liberal Puppet Petterson. Dave has my Total Endorsement!”

Reacting to the endorsement, Dave Hughes said: “The President’s total endorsement has provided our campaign with unprecedented support and winning energy. I’m extremely grateful and, with the voters’ support, I look forward to fighting alongside the President in the next Congress to continue implementing his America First Agenda which has already proven hugely beneficial to voters in our district, together we can do so much more.

“My team has been fighting for western Minnesotans for 29 months, meeting thousands of folks in every county across this large district. There’s a strong desire for change and new conservative leadership that we’ve been hearing from voters at the doors, but this endorsement has drawn needed national – and even international – attention to this race.

“I’ve been saying this is the biggest sleeper race of the cycle. Now there’s a national sentiment that if we continue outworking our opponent, tirelessly introducing our message to new people every day, we will win in November. And data bears that out.”

Hughes, the Republican nominee in the November 6th general election, is a retired 21-year United Air Force officer and combat veteran of the Iraq War. He served seven deployments around the world. Today he continues to serve the country alongside United States Customs & Border Protection in his role as a MQ9 Reaper drone pilot and the lead schoolhouse instructor for the pilots of USCBP. When not teaching, Hughes flies security missions over our northern and southern borders.

Political outsider Hughes gave Peterson a scare in 2016 when, despite being outspent 30 to 1, he came within 5 points of beating the long-time incumbent, a closer result than any challenger had levied in well over a decade. At that time, the Hughes campaign team consisted of Dave, his wife Amanda, and their seven children. Now, with a professionalized team the Hughes Ground Crew, in reference to Dave’s Air Force history, is mobilizing to knock doors, make calls, and turn out voters for Dave across the district in their fight toward November victory.


Dave Hughes Joins the Republican Farmer Labor Caucus RFL Excited to Have a Fighter for MN Farmers in CD7

August 29, 2018 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Dave Hughes, the Republican challenger for the 7th District of Minnesota’s US House seat has joined state legislators in the new Republican Farmer Labor (RFL) Caucus. The RFL welcomes him and is excited to have a strong advocate for Minnesota farmers in CD7.
“I am proud to stand beside Minnesota State Legislators and fight for the interests of farmers and laborers. I will proactively work on federal legislation that will not encroach on the liberties and prosperity of Minnesota Farmers and Laborers, but instead unleash the strength, innovation and hard work of the Farmer and Laborer. Farmers and Laborers need a collaboration between the Federal Government and the State Government to best create an environment in which farmers/laborers can
thrive.” – Dave Hughes, Candidate for US House, MN-7
“It is wonderful news that Dave Hughes is joining the RFL caucus. We welcome him, and look forward to having a pro-farmer and pro-labor Congressman in Washington, DC, who will allow more productive farm/labor legislation.” - Rep. Jeremy Munson, RFL Co-Chair
Minnesota farmers noticed that in the last year, Collin Peterson voted more with his Democratic caucus than with the Minnesota Farmer. The American Farm Bureau Federation has given Collin Peterson just a 53% scorecard rating on their top 15 legislative votes of the past year. Peterson aligned with the Farm Bureau on only 8 of those 15 votes.
“Collin Peterson abandoned the western Minnesota farmer. He walked away from the Farm Bill, and voted against it – twice! He was against the tax reform that freed our economy to blossom, and eliminated the estate tax that helped keep the farm in the family. He was against both immigration bills that were not only prime national security bills, but also had key provisions for the migrant farm worker program. Collin Peterson sided with his Democratic Caucus over serving the Minnesota Farmer in the most partisan year we have ever seen from him. My AFBF scorecard would have been in the upper 80% or lower 90% range, and my votes would have provided better results for the Minnesota farmer. I promise you this -- I will never walk away from the farm bill. I will fight for the farmer to the end.” -
Dave Hughes, Candidate for US House, MN-7
“Collin Peterson’s voting record last year is a prime example of how the Democratic Party Platform is anti-farmer. We need to elect Dave Hughes so we can stop these Democratic Party attacks on the family farm. It is our hope farmers and pro-farmer groups endorse and support Dave Hughes as he is the pro-farmer choice in the 7 th Congressional District of Minnesota race.” - Rep. Jeremy Munson, RFL Co-Chair
Hughes hopes to be elected on November 6th, and in 2019 he will enter an Agriculture Committee that has seen little from Collin Peterson in 2018 since he walked away from the Farm Bill and refused to come to the negotiating table, speak with the Ag Committee Chair, submit amendments, or come to a compromise. Hughes will be a strong, vocal member of the Ag Committee. More information on the Dave Hughes for Congress campaign can be found at

Hughes Presses Peterson for 8 Debates

August 22, 2018 (Karlstad, MN) – For Immediate Release - Dave Hughes, Republican candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s Seventh Congressional District, today proposed eight in-district, live audience candidate debates moderated by representatives of Seventh District television, radio and newspaper outlets. The proposal is a stark contrast with that of the two debates Hughes’ DFL opponent, Collin Peterson, has historically agreed to. 

“Our district stretches from Canada almost to Iowa, and includes 38 counties. I propose at least eight debates be held to ensure voters in every region of the Seventh Congressional District have an opportunity to attend and hear the policy positions of me and my DFL opponent Collin Peterson.” – Dave Hughes, Candidate for US House, MN-7

The debate locations in the Hughes proposal include Warroad, Thief River Falls, Bemidji, Moorhead, Fergus Falls, Morris, Willmar, and Marshall. The debates could be held as morning, afternoon or evening events to be as inclusive of voter work schedules and host/sponsor requirements as possible.

Dave Hughes is the Republican Nominee in the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota race.  Hughes is a 21 year US Air Force Major, Combat Vet, and Political Outsider.  His campaign can be reached at 218-436-3309, or on his website www.HughesForCongress.US.




Dave Hughes, Republican Endorsed Candidate for US House, MN-7, wins Republican Nomination

August 15, 2018 (Karlstad, MN) – In May, Dave Hughes was endorsed by the 7th Congressional District Republicans on the first round of balloting with 81% of the vote.  His grassroots support came out again and Dave Hughes won the Republican Primary with 72% of the vote on August 14th , winning 37 of 38 counties.  Hughes was also the Republican Nominee in 2016, and he came within 5 points of winning, closer than any Republican in 22 years.  Hughes believes his momentum, grassroots support, hard work, name recognition, qualifications and experience will result in victory November 6th.

“I am so thankful for the backing of the 7th District Republicans to take on Collin Peterson in November.  We have a unique situation in CD7 because we have a Democratic Congressman who walked away from the Farm Bill, voted against Tax Reform, voted against both GOP Immigration Bills, and has been actively working against the America First Agenda.  This is a Republican District and our current representation in Washington, DC, doesn’t align with our values. I believe my hard work and conservative values will bring the change folks have long wanted.” -Dave Hughes, Republican Candidate for US House, MN-7

“Congratulations on Dave’s overwhelming win in tonight’s primary.  Tonight’s results show Dave will be a very formidable opponent for Collin Peterson in November.”  -Craig Bishop, Minnesota 7th Congressional District Republican Party Chair

Hughes has worked very hard connecting with voters around the district.  Team Hughes has walked in 75 parades so far this summer. Dave Hughes has manned the GOP booth of almost every county fair. That hard work will just increase from now until election day November 6th.  Find out more about Dave Hughes on his website at www.HughesForCongress.US where you can donate to his campaign, join his email list, or volunteer to work his campaign.


Dave Hughes Wins GOP Endorsement and Formally Files for Congressional Race Against Collin Peterson


May 29, 2018


Kip Christianson – Campaign Manager, Hughes for Congress


KARLSTAD, MN – May 29 – Setting up a rematch of the incredibly close 2016 MN-07 congressional race in which he was outspent 35-1, Dave Hughes formally filed his candidacy for the 2018 election with the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office on Friday. This comes less than a week after he received an overwhelming endorsement by the 7th District Republican Party at their convention in Ottertail.  

Hughes, who trains the pilots of the United States Customs and Border Protection agency, won endorsement by a vote of 236-48 on Saturday May 19 at Thumper Pond. The excitement in the convention hall was inescapable as delegates and alternates from across the district offered a standing ovation as Hughes took the stage to accept their endorsement, flanked by his wife Amanda and their seven children. Gesturing to his young family, Hughes said, "I'm running for office so that my children, and yours, can enjoy a brighter future." 

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Republican Congressional Candidate Dave Hughes Grateful for Freedom Club Support


Dave Hughes, 218-452-3214
Republican Congressional Candidate Dave Hughes Grateful for Freedom Club Support
“Thank you Freedom Club for your endorsement, support, and promotion of my campaign!
With the help and vote of Republicans, Conservatives, Independents, Libertarians, Trump
Democrats, and others eager for a new vision and servant leader, we can win this year.
Please spread the word!” – Dave Hughes, 2018 Republican Candidate for Congress,
Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District, regarding Freedom Club of Champlin, MN.
For more information about Dave Hughes for Congress please

Congressman Collin Peterson chooses Big Government Welfare over Farmers



Dave Hughes, 218-452-3214


President Trump and House Republicans want new, modest work requirements for SNAP (i.e. food stamps) recipients. When Democratic Party Leaders learned this two weeks ago, they ordered Congressman Collin Peterson to abruptly halt all negotiations on the 2018 Farm Bill.  Peterson dutifully obeyed, and now passage of the Farm Bill this year is in jeopardy. I will serve on the House Agriculture Committee. I will help pass conservative solutions that will both prosper the American Farmer and be responsible to the American Taxpayer.” – Dave Hughes, 2018 Republican Candidate for Congress, Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District


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Dave Hughes to travel to Stevens County

September 23, 2018 -- I am really excited for Monday to come!  I have a full day planned in Stevens County, and it was all planned by a farmer.  See, my support is with the people of western Minnesota; the small business owners, the farmers, the hardworking families trying to make ends meet.  These are the people that brought me within 5 points of beating Collin Peterson in 2016, these are the people that are working for my 2018 victory, and these are the people I will serve in Washington, DC.  I am working with my western Minnesota neighbors to make a change in the 7th District.



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First Minnesota 7th Congressional District Poll is Bad News For Collin Peterson & Good News for Dave Hughes

September 13, 2017 (Karlstad, MN)  --  Dave Hughes, Constitutional Conservative Republican Challenger to Democrat Collin Peterson for the 2018 midterms has commissioned the first poll of the election cycle.  Results are not good for Collin Peterson, as the poll shows Hughes and Peterson are neck and neck with almost 1/3rd of people polled still undecided.  Clearly support for Collin Peterson is diminishing.

The poll consisted of 504 people in Minnesota’s Congressional District 7.  Collin Peterson came in with 40%, Hughes at 33%, and 27% listed undecided.  Those taking the poll had an option to leave a comment at the end, and 8% of people asked why other Republican candidates were not listed.  These were Republicans that marked “Undecided”.  Surely if they were for a different GOP candidate now, their vote will go to Hughes in 2018 if he wins party endorsement. The polling company’s directors discussed the results and determined that since Hughes was the 2016 candidate, with the best name recognition and best performance of any Republican in over 20 years, any Republican candidate entering the race to try for endorsement over Hughes, or if anyone tries to primary Hughes, is essentially sabotaging the momentum, with a Democratic Party victory likely as a result.  What they see in Congressional District 7’s race is something they have never seen, between the unpopularity of an incumbent and Republican challengers sabotaging their own party’s best candidate in Dave Hughes.  They are seeing incumbent unpopularity far beyond anything they are seeing in races around the country, with the average normally around 10% undecided, now incumbents are seeing 10-15% undecided in 2017, due to lack of results in Congress.  In Minnesota’s Congressional District 7, 27% of voters listed undecided.  Dave Hughes has some votes he can win -- that is for sure!

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Hughes Leads Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District Race in District Fundraising & Team Building

August 18, 2017 (Karlstad, MN) - Dave Hughes, the Republican Challenger to Collin Peterson not only surpassed all Republicans in fundraising in the 2nd Quarter, he surpassed Collin Peterson in funds raised within the district.  Dave Hughes is also the only candidate in the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota that has self-funded to some extent.  Hughes is the only candidate with skin in the game.

Hughes has worked the grassroots efforts very aggressively in the 2nd quarter to maintain his 2016 momentum.  Dave Hughes has attended 35 parades and 12 county fairs so far, with more on the calendar.  It is clear that Dave Hughes’ name recognition is at the top of the leaderboards right now, and change is coming to the 7th District.  Recent feedback to Hughes on the 2018 midterms, “Dave Hughes is the Conservative Champion we’ve been looking for!”, and, “Dave Hughes is unbeatable.  This contest is over before it even started.”  Clearly the district is ready to turn red.  Hughes has been working hard connecting with the voters over the summer, connecting with delegates at events, and making key connections with donors and influencers.

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Southwest Minnesota State University College Republicans Endorse Dave Hughes for US House, MN-7

July 14, 2017 (Karlstad, MN) -- There is a new College Republicans chapter in Minnesota on the campus of Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, MN. The conservatively principled core leadership of this new College Republicans chapter recently voted unanimously to endorse Republican Congressional Candidate Dave Hughes for 2018.

"As President of the Southwest Minnesota State University College Republicans, I want to emphasize that we are excited to endorse Republican Dave Hughes in his quest for the US House seat of the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota in the 2018 midterm election. Our board met, and with 100% agreement has come to the decision to endorse Hughes for Congress. Dave Hughes is a strong Conservative who adheres to the principles of the constitution, and has a strong understanding of public policy and procedures. We are heavily engaged and energized with his very active campaign, travelling throughout the large 7th Congressional District. We will be actively campaigning for him and with him until the general election. We will welcome him this fall or winter for a Fundraiser and Town Hall. In November of 2018, we will be actively working on our campus in a massive get out the vote effort. Dave Hughes had a great showing in 2016, and now he has great momentum and name recognition. We are confident we will have a new Republican Congressman in Dave Hughes come 2018." - Jesse McArdell, President - College Republicans of Southwest Minnesota State University

“I am thrilled with the endorsement from the SMSU College Republicans! They are so energized to make a difference in 2018! I am surely courting the younger demographic in my campaign plan for a 2018 victory, and this piece of the puzzle is going to be very effective in Lyon County.” - Dave Hughes, 2018 Republican Candidate for US House, MN-7

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Hughes Observations about Peterson’s Detroit Lakes Health Care Town Hall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Karlstad, MN) -- Collin Peterson supports a Single Payer Health Care system. Collin Peterson features himself a conservative, blue dog Democrat, but he’s fine with the country going to Single Payer. Collin Peterson is not the conservative he pretends to be.

- In Collin Peterson’s opening remarks he once again repeated he didn’t vote for initial passage of ACA in ‘09/’10, and repeated he opposed repeal of ACA because there are several good things in ACA worth keeping. That’s talking out both sides of his mouth; typical of a career politician. If you ask Collin what’s good about ACA, he only ever mentions two things – Pre-existing Conditions, and Kids on Parent’s policies until age 26. For the sake of argument let’s dispense with the latter; kids on parents policies until 26 is a nice to have, not a major national priority. That leaves Pre-existing conditions. The question we must answer as a nation, and which Collin Peterson never discusses is, is the current Obamacare solution to Pre-existing Conditions worth the daily financial and medical devastation experienced by the farmers, small business owners, and other individual market consumers all over western Minnesota and our nation?

- Collin Peterson said, “Drop the Medicare eligibility age to 55. That will solve the problem.”

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Dave Hughes Announces First Round of 2018 Team Hughes Members

OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Karlstad, MN) Dave Hughes was the 2016 Republican Candidate for Congress who came within 5 points of defeating incumbent Collin Peterson. A couple weeks later he was the first US House Candidate in the nation to file with the Federal Elections Commission his proper paperwork for the 2018 cycle.

As part of the grassroots effort for 2018 Hughes has looked to the great grassroots support he garnered in 2016, and has the following Team Hughes Captains committed for the 2018 cycle.

Tim Benoit in Meeker County

David Rohy in Meeker County

Colton Determan in Becker County

Mickey Kyler in Polk County

Shelly Woods in Sibley County

Jon Allen in Douglas County

Janine Hanson in Clay County


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Republican Congressional Candidate Dave Hughes’ Response to Representative Collin Peterson’s April 10th Moorhead Health Care Town Hall

April 11th, 2017 (KARLSTAD, MN) - Monday night Collin Peterson held his first public town hall in nearly a decade, covering the topic of Health Care. 2016 Republican Party-endorsed Congressional Candidate Dave Hughes attended the meeting.

“Kudos to Collin for holding this town hall; it’s been a very long time since his last one. If I’m elected in 2018 to serve the people of western Minnesota, I’ll hold 18-20 public town halls in MN-7 each year, so that in every 2-year election cycle I’m able to visit each of my district’s 38 counties and their constituents at least once. They deserve no less.”


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NRCC places Collin Peterson’s Minnesota 7th Congressional Seat in Crosshairs

For Immediate Release, February 10th, 2017 – (Karlstad, MN) National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chairman Steve Stivers on February 8th announced initial offensive targets for the 2018 cycle. These 36 seats are held by Democrats that are out of touch with their districts and will be targeted by the NRCC for the next 21 months. In this targeted list is the 7th Congressional District of western Minnesota, the seat held by 26-year incumbent Democrat Collin Peterson.


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Dave Hughes, Republican Candidate for Congress, Attends MN Ag Expo in Mankato

For Immediate Release – (Karlstad, MN) Dave Hughes, the 2016 Republican candidate for Congress in MN-7, who last November narrowly lost to 26-year incumbent Democrat Collin Peterson, attended the MN Ag Expo in Mankato January 25-26, 2017. Hughes is running now for 2018, using these 2 years to campaign, raise money, meet voters, and learn more about Agriculture.

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Dave Hughes makes it FEC Official: His MN Congressional District 7 2018 Race Begins Now

For Immediate Release - November 28th, 2016: (Karlstad, MN ) -- Dave Hughes, the 2016 Republican Candidate for the U.S. House in Minnesota's 7th Congressional District, began his 2018 race the day after his narrow defeat earlier this month. Now Dave Hughes is making it FEC Official, and has submitted his 2018 Statement of Candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives seat for Minnesota's 7th Congressional District.

Hughes is fueled by the enthusiasm Minnesotans have for his Constitutional Conservative political views. Hughes worked extremely hard in the 2016 race, and knows that starting 2 years ahead of the next election, and being everywhere the voters are, will just increase his name recognition and opportunity to engage with the constituents.

Dave Hughes was endorsed by the Republican Party in April of 2016 in Alexandria on the first round of balloting with over 60% of the votes of the nearly 300 democratically elected delegates from all 38 counties of MN Congressional District 7. He then had an unconventional primary opponent, whom he also defeated in the Primary in August 2016. He was very busy with town halls, parades, county fairs, Meet N Greets, and other events, including time with the MN Tea Party and the MN Libertarians. He then narrowly lost to incumbent Collin Peterson who outspent Hughes 100 to 1. Hughes is confident with the Conservative nature of the district, increased name recognition, increased fundraising time, increased time with the Constituents, and increased communication with the voters - Dave Hughes will be elected the next Congressman of western Minnesota.

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Collin Peterson Narrowly Defeats Dave Hughes in Minnesota's 7th Congressional Race

For Immediate Release (Karlstad, MN) - Collin Peterson, the DFL 26-year incumbent Congressman in the 7th District of Minnesota, narrowly defeated Dave Hughes, the U.S. Air Force Combat Vet and political newcomer. Hughes, who’s never held political office and never ran, came within 4% points ending in early morning of November 9th.

The Peterson vs Hughes election was cleanly ran. Policy ideas and compare/contrast were used without personal attacks. It was a gentleman’s race that was refreshing to western Minnesotans. Hughes pressed Peterson on his failure to vote for the repeal of Obamacare, which is hurting Minnesota farmers and other businesses. Hughes pressed Peterson on his failure to repeal Obamacare, which uses taxpayer funds for elective abortion. Hughes pressed Peterson on his support of Socialist Bernie Sanders. Hughes pressed Peterson on the fact that he is rarely in the district and never hears the concerns of the regular folks. Hughes shared that the citizens of Western Minnesota have not one time in his hundreds of events stated the farm bill as their top priority – the only thing that Peterson leads on. The citizens of the district shared with Hughes their concerns over National Security, Religious Freedom, Obamacare, Education, and our $20 Trillion National Debt -- issues Peterson has never led on.

In the end, the voters chose incumbent Collin Peterson to represent them in Washington, D.C for another term.

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Dave Hughes Comments on Hutchinson Leader Article

Thanks to Jeremy Jones of the Hutchinson Leader. My observations:

Ag Safety Net. Collin wants to spend even more taxpayer dollars on this, when our current program is already adequate with highly federally subsidized Crop Insurance, Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC), and Price Loss Coverage (PLC). The federal government ran a $600Billion annual deficit in 2016; we have to get our national fiscal house in order right now.

National Infrastructure. This is a popular one, but here's the thing. Big infrastructure projects are capital intensive, but aren't so manpower intensive. Infrastructure is vital, but the idea it'll create tens of millions of new jobs is a false panacea. And on top of that, Collin likes Hillary's idea of taxing corporations even more to pay for these, making the U.S. even less competitive in our global economy. That's the wrong direction for the country.

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Dave Hughes, Republican Party Candidate for Congress visits Williams Potato Day

OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Karlstad, MN) Dave Hughes, the Republican Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Minnesota’s 7th District, which encompasses the western half of the Land of 10,000 Lakes, was in Williams on Saturday, October 8th. Williams is in the northern Lake of the Woods County, one of the 38 counties in the 7th Congressional District.

Dave Hughes participated in the Williams Potato Day Parade with his family and campaign manager. Dave Hughes has been in dozens of parades this summer, experiencing the Minnesota heat and humidity, and now the more chilly rain we experience in the Minnesota fall. The parade began at 11:45 and meandered through the small, rural town. Hughes was the only state level or federal level candidate to show. Dave Hughes carried his one year old son Gideon while shaking everyone’s hands and introducing himself. His children passed out palm cards that share Dave Hughes’ message of Prosperity, Security and Integrity for his neighbors of western Minnesota and beyond throughout the nation. Other members of the family walked the parade waving the American flag. There were team members carrying Hughes for Congress yard signs. The parade ended where it started, back at the Williams Park.




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Dave Hughes Debates Incumbent Collin Peterson on Prairie Public

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Karlstad, MN) -- Dave Hughes, the Republican Party Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District, debated 26-year incumbent Democratic Candidate Collin Peterson on Tuesday, October 11th, 2016. Matt Olien of Prairie Public moderated.

Opening statements started with Peterson, who won the coin flip. Peterson concentrated on the divided nature of Congress and our 2016 political climate. He desires a return to regular order. The last time Congress operated in regular order was 1998. Clearly sending the same players to the table does not move budgets through, and we end up with Continuing Resolutions leading to Omnibus bills that corrupt Congressman pack with pork, leading to increased debt and corruption. If we want regular order Mr. Peterson, we need people committed to passing bills in a responsible way. Peterson’s fellow Democrat, Harry Reid, won’t allow the Senate into regular order unless the Republican controlled House gives him and Obama everything that they want.

Hughes’ opening remarks consist of a personal introduction as a native of Karlstad, father of 7 and USAF Combat Vet. Hughes blames the gridlock problems on sending the same people to DC.

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Hughes Gains Momentum

I have the Republican base support, evidenced by my winning both the party endorsement and the Primary. I have Independent's support. Independents believe there is more to being a U.S. Rep than the Ag bill. People in western MN are hurting due to high taxation, government overreach, anxiety over Islamic Terror, and concerns over loss of religious liberties -- issues in which Collin Peterson is failing to exhibit any leadership or vision. Now I'm gaining Democratic support. Votes have been already cast by Democrats, those supporting Hillary Clinton, who now believe their U.S. Rep needs to be refreshed by lending their support to me, Dave Hughes. The voice from so many is it is time for Collin Peterson's retirement, and their vote goes to me, a retired U.S. Air Force Combat vet, to represent western Minnesota in Congress. I am excited and ready to serve!

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Dave Hughes Attends Becker County Republican Fundraiser

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - (Karlstad, MN) Dave Hughes, the Republican Party Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Minnesota’s 7thCongressional District, attended the Becker County Republicans Fundraiser in Detroit Lakes Saturday evening October 8th.

Hughes enjoyed a very nice meal at the Holiday Inn on the Lakes. He enjoyed meeting up with his fellow candidates who will be on the ballot for Becker County and surrounding areas. Hughes visited with MN Reps Steve Green and Matt Dean, as well as MN House Candidate Ben Grimsley, and MN Senate Candidate James Leiman, and many fundraiser attendees. Dave Hughes is working with his fellow candidates to return and keep western Minnesota in Republican hands. The Minnesota Republican Party is the “Growth & Opportunity Party”, a theme the candidates can all agree with and work towards as they strive for the great people in their counties and districts.

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