Republican Congressional Candidate Dave Hughes’ Response to Representative Collin Peterson’s April 10th Moorhead Health Care Town Hall

Republican Congressional Candidate Dave Hughes’ Response to Representative Collin Peterson’s April 10th Moorhead Health Care Town Hall

April 11th, 2017 (KARLSTAD, MN) - Monday night Collin Peterson held his first public town hall in nearly a decade, covering the topic of Health Care. 2016 Republican Party-endorsed Congressional Candidate Dave Hughes attended the meeting.

“Kudos to Collin for holding this town hall; it’s been a very long time since his last one. If I’m elected in 2018 to serve the people of western Minnesota, I’ll hold 18-20 public town halls in MN-7 each year, so that in every 2-year election cycle I’m able to visit each of my district’s 38 counties and their constituents at least once. They deserve no less.”


“On Health Care, Collin was all over the place last night. He voted against initial passage of Obamacare, but has opposed every effort since then to repeal it. He says much of Obamacare is good, and the rest of it should be fixed, but his latest idea is for Minnesota to entirely opt out of Obamacare -- an admission it isn’t fixable. Collin features himself a Blue Dog Democrat and maverick, but said he could support Medicare for All -- hardly a conservative prescription.”

“Collin got two things right last night. One, for the average western Minnesotan, $1,500/month premiums, with a $15,000/year deductible – that isn’t health insurance, that’s garbage. Two, the fix to Obamacare must be bipartisan. We’re in this mess because Democrats wrote the final version of Obamacare in secret, without Republican input, and passed it at Midnight on Christmas Eve without Republican support. It’s absolutely critically important Republicans not repeat this mistake going forward as they attempt to relieve us from Obamacare. But I’m not so sure the Democrats are serious about working with Republicans to solve these problems.”

“The solution to our present national health insurance crisis is to first remove the federal government from the center of the health care and health insurance universe. Totally repeal Obamacare, with an effective date of, say, Dec 31st, 2017.Then Republicans and Democrats must work together, in regular order public committee hearings, to craft a bill both sides can live with. The “replacement” for Obamacare must consist of genuine free market reforms that lower costs for the vast majority of Americans, increase access to care, offer greater choices, and increase competition and innovation throughout.I hope Collin Peterson will actively and conspicuously join with the House Freedom Caucus to get this done immediately.”

Dave Hughes is a 2018 Republican Candidate for Congress, MN-7. He can be reached at 218-452-3214, or DaveHughes@HughesForCongress.US. Like him on Facebook at “Dave Hughes For Congress”, or on Twitter and Instagram at @DHughesCongress. Visit his website at www.HughesForCongress.US to view his positions on the issues, volunteer, and contribute financially to his campaign.


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