Southwest Minnesota State University College Republicans Endorse Dave Hughes for US House, MN-7

Southwest Minnesota State University College Republicans Endorse Dave Hughes for US House, MN-7

July 14, 2017 (Karlstad, MN) -- There is a new College Republicans chapter in Minnesota on the campus of Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, MN. The conservatively principled core leadership of this new College Republicans chapter recently voted unanimously to endorse Republican Congressional Candidate Dave Hughes for 2018.

"As President of the Southwest Minnesota State University College Republicans, I want to emphasize that we are excited to endorse Republican Dave Hughes in his quest for the US House seat of the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota in the 2018 midterm election. Our board met, and with 100% agreement has come to the decision to endorse Hughes for Congress. Dave Hughes is a strong Conservative who adheres to the principles of the constitution, and has a strong understanding of public policy and procedures. We are heavily engaged and energized with his very active campaign, travelling throughout the large 7th Congressional District. We will be actively campaigning for him and with him until the general election. We will welcome him this fall or winter for a Fundraiser and Town Hall. In November of 2018, we will be actively working on our campus in a massive get out the vote effort. Dave Hughes had a great showing in 2016, and now he has great momentum and name recognition. We are confident we will have a new Republican Congressman in Dave Hughes come 2018." - Jesse McArdell, President - College Republicans of Southwest Minnesota State University

“I am thrilled with the endorsement from the SMSU College Republicans! They are so energized to make a difference in 2018! I am surely courting the younger demographic in my campaign plan for a 2018 victory, and this piece of the puzzle is going to be very effective in Lyon County.” - Dave Hughes, 2018 Republican Candidate for US House, MN-7

Hughes got 48% of the vote in Lyon County in 2016, while President Trump won this county by 28 points. Hughes is working hard to close this gap with Trump votes who went for Collin Peterson in 2016.

“I can guarantee you this -- I will lead as a Conservative in many areas that concern the people of western Minnesota. I will lead on Pro-life issues, 2nd Amendment issues, Healthcare, Agriculture, Lower Taxes, Decrease Regulations, and National Security. Collin Peterson votes with the socialist Democrats 74% of the time; that makes him a socialist Democrat, not “like a Republican” or “Conservative” to the least! You won’t see a Congressman Hughes do that! I am a Constitutional Conservative Republican, and I am working hard for a 2018 victory so I can make a positive difference in the lives of the people of western Minnesota and around our great country.” - Dave Hughes, 2018 Republican Candidate for US House, MN-7

Hughes believes the next group of leaders in the Republican Party is just emerging, in groups just like the SMSU College Republicans. They are concerned with the nation we are leaving them and ready to do something about it. They want to work hard in their local communities, so the direction of our nation has some principled conservative leadership guiding the direction of the ship.

“As a father, I feel it is a MUST to win back the 7th Congressional District seat NOW for the next generation. Having the SMSU College Republican’s endorsement means a lot for the next round of leaders to bring back the importance of our Constitution and themes that the founding fathers started this great nation upon.” - Dave Hughes, 2018 Republican Candidate for US House, MN-7

Dave Hughes was the 2016 Republican challenger to Collin Peterson, and came within 5 points of victory. Hughes was closer to defeating the 26-year incumbent than any other Republican in 22 years. Hughes believes with more time and more funds he can close the gap and pull out a victory in 2018. Hughes was the first US House candidate in the nation to file with the FEC for 2018, and has been working nonstop on his campaign since his narrow defeat.

You can learn more about Dave Hughes at www.HughesForCongress.US. He can be reached at 218-452-3214 or DaveHughes@HughesForCongress.US. More information on his stances can be found at www.HughesForCongress.US. He can be found on Facebook at “Dave Hughes For Congress”. Also Instagram and Twitter @DHughesCongress.




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