The Guardian Fund Endorses Dave Hughes

The Guardian Fund Endorses Dave Hughes


The Guardian Fund Endorses Dave Hughes


October 16, 2018 – (Karlstad, MN) – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The Guardian Fund endorses Dave Hughes for his race in the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota.  The Guardian Fund is a political action committee established in 2012 by former Florida Congressman and Lieutenant Colonel Allen West with a mission to support conservative veterans and minorities seeking elected office.  Led by Congressman Barry Loudermilk, The Guardian Fund is one of the largest and most active veteran-focused PACs in the country.  

In a statement from Congressman Loudermilk, he says:

“I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for your service to this great nation, both in uniform and out. As a member of the US Armed Forces you risked your life on the battlefield, and as a veteran your service to the American people continues as you seek elected office. Your dedication to this country is second to none, and I have taken notice.  Because of your loyalty to preserving and protecting the United States and its conservative American values, it is my honor to support your candidacy.

The United States deserves to be led by individuals who not only understand our military, but by those whom have sworn an oath to be a part it.  Forty years ago, 72 percent of lawmakers in the US House and 78 percent of those in the US Senate honorably served in the armed forces.  We need servicemen and women to safely lead us through the challenges on the 21st century battlefield and to represent this country on the world stage. 

 - Congressman Barry Loudermilk, US House GA-11, US Air Force Veteran, and Guardian Fund Chairman

“I am thrilled with The Guardian Fund endorsement!  To be in such good company with fellow brothers and sisters in arms and great patriots is wonderful!  This endorsement being one of the top veteran PAC endorsements is truly an honor and a spotlight on my 21+ years in service to our nation as a US Air Force combat veteran, pilot and officer.  I wish to serve our nation in a new capacity, if I am chosen to serve November 6th.”  - Dave Hughes, Republican Candidate for US House, MN-7

The Guardian Fund hosted a special Fall Endorsement Event on Wednesday, October 10th in Washington DC highlighting their 18 Endorsements, which included Dave Hughes.  This event was hosted by Congressman Jim Banks, Congressman Don Bacon, Congressman John Bergman, and Congressman Clay Higgins.  Unfortunately, Dave Hughes was unable to attend due to his intense, in-district grassroots efforts.

Dave Hughes served our nation in several capacities in 21 years on Active Duty, including administrative, leadership, combat, special projects, and as an officer; retiring at the rank of Major in 2014.  He currently is an employee of General Atomics, a contractor to the US Customs & Border Protection, as the lead schoolhouse instructor for their drone program.  When school is not in session, he is actively patrolling our northern and southern borders via drone.  Dave Hughes wishes to serve our nation again as the next Congressman from the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota.  Voting is already underway as many precincts don’t open in rural MN, but election day is November 6th.  More information can be found at www.HughesForCongress.US, info@HughesForCongress.US or at 218-436-3309.



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