We Can't Afford to Sit on the Sidelines

We Can't Afford to Sit on the Sidelines

For Immediate Release – Nov 7, 2018


Karlstad, MN -

“I’d like to congratulate Congressman Peterson on his election to a 15th term in office and his 38 years in public office,” said Dave Hughes.

After the close, 4.2% defeat last night by the Congressman, despite being outspent 10 to 1, Dave Hughes issued the following statement:


“While the results were not what my family and I had hoped, we respect the votes of the people of western Minnesota and thank all those who worked so hard to support my campaign with their time and treasure. We have seen what a professional campaign can accomplish in four short months.

We brought our positive message about a better direction to the voters directly, since we could not afford to respond to every negative attack on the air this past month. Despite this inequity, voters showed strong support for change: we over-performed nearly every politico’s expectation by over ten percent. We eclipsed the one poll in the race by 14 points, shocking national observers. The message of true Conservative Leadership clearly resonates.

Together with the people of western Minnesota, Amanda and I look on with horror at what metro progressives and Congressional liberals under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi are sure to do in coming years. Because of this, I will continue to work to bring reason and representation that defends the values of western Minnesota to the 38 counties of our district. I ask all like-minded people to join me. We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines.

We will have more to say in the coming days.”





Kip Christianson



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